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I have set up this gallery to showcase my adventure so far in the world of landscape photography –  I hope you all enjoy reading and looking.

For me my journey into landscape photography is what you could call a recent action. It all began with morning sickness, severe dehydration and weight loss, (not me!  – my partner Jen, who was carrying our first child Emily). And here she is,  pictured here posing for her first portrait shot, completely oblivious to the world outside and unknowingly participating in the chain reaction that lead me to writing this. You see, answering the question “what do you want us to buy for Emily’s birth”? was not easy and after many hours deliberation (some might might call that arguing) we came to the conclusion that Amazon vouchers were the only answer – we’d use them for a brand new good camera to take pictures of the baby…

The journey had begun

Like any modern day student I kicked off the process of researching what type of camera we were to buy by googling ‘best cameras for taking pics of babies’, oblivious that that search string could have landed me in court! I came to the conclusion that a digital SLR was the way to go.

Landscape Photography

Upon arrival of our new little bundle of joy, a canon EOS 550D with stock 18-55mm + 55-250mm lens I began my happy snapping in dare I say it,  ‘full auto mode’. Knowing that all of them unused buttons were there for a reason I soon went to that place that blokes should never really go, the instruction manual. After escaping hell, I decided to take up a beginner’s course in digital photography at my local college. The course was led by 60’s throwback and wannabe wizard Den,  an experienced photographer from almost all genres of the art he kept me on track and not only filled in the common sense gaps google and youtube couldn’t, but also introduced me to the basics of the zone system and taught me how to use a 1º spot meter for metering a scene, a couple of techniques very rarely used in modern digital photography due to most cameras having this built into them and automating the process so we don’t need to think as much. The 550d lasted about a year until I moved up a notch into the realms of full frame. My ambition for the future is to try some old school film photography, ideally large format 4×5 with a long term goal of finally moving to medium format digital on a technical camera, but for today that can remain a dream.

I soon realized that portraits, flowers and pictures of the cat smiling weren’t really enough to satisfy my overwhelming passion for the camera:great outdoors and the ability to capture mother natures wilderness was really only what I wanted to do.

And so my journey continues

Several years on and my passion continues to flourish, with every trip into the countryside I make, my photography sees another incremental improvement Will these improvements ever end? I sincerely hope not


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 Loch Awe, Scotland